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Lever Magnets


All KA magnets are available in coil ratings of 100 ohm (black), 70 ohm (green) and 50 ohm (red), Ohmage is designated by the letters B, G or R in their order references. These are for use on 15 volts +/- 3 volts D.C. Also available in 24 volt format.

Available as:

AS177 FLB Free Lever
AS178 FLG Free Lever
AS179 FLR Free Lever
AS180 SLB Sprung Lever
AS181 SLG Sprung Lever
AS182 SLR Sprung Lever
AS183 ISB Inverted Lever
AS184 ISG Inverted Lever
AS185 ISR Inverted Lever

Heavy Duty Lever Magnet


Available as either the original KA unit, or now with improved pivot and return spring.

Original units:-
AS231 HD No arm Fitted.
AS232 HDA With bushed short arm.
AS233 HDP With 2" (50mm) pallet fitted.
AS234 HDP With 2,1/2" (63mm) pallet fitted.

New Units:-
AS236 HD/2 No arm.
AS237 HDA/2 With bushed short arm.
AS238 HDP/2 With 2" (50mm) pallet fitted.
AS239 HDP/2 With 2,1/2" (63mm) pallet fitted.
AS240 Optional cork gasket.

Direct Pallet Magnet


Available in same coil ratings as lever magnets, and in pallet sizes from 5/8" (16mm) to 1,1/2" (38mm).

Available as:-
AS191 DPB Direct Pallet Magnet
AS192 DPG Direct Pallet Magnet
AS193 DPR Direct Pallet Magnet (pictured)

Direct Pallet Magnet No.2 with pallet mounted on sprung brass arm are available as:-
AS207 DPV/B Pallet Magnet No.2.
AS208 DPV/G Pallet Magnet No.2.
AS209 DPV/R Pallet Magnet No.2.

Chest Magnet


 The standard and top note magnets have a strong section die cast base and cap. The valve is held in position in the cap by a stainless steel strip , it is easily adjusted by the knurled top and locking ring. The cap can be removed if necessary without disturbing the valve setting.


Order Details


Corrosion resistant unit

 Ref - DC1-S

 Code - FS217

 Standard Unit

Ref - DC1

Code - FS221

Loose armature unit

Ref -  DC-1L

Code - FS222

Top Note 1/8" dia insert

Ref - TN1

Code - FS223

Top Note 3/16" dia insert

Ref - TN2

Code - FS224

Top Note 1/4" dia insert

Ref -  TN3

Code - FS225


Various technical modifications have recently been made to increase the speed and power of this unit.


Many spare parts are available for restoration.


Corrosion resistant unit has stainless steel valve and armature connector. Fixed armature is detachable.


Available in 70 or 140 ohm coil

Altron Magnet


Very high speed / High wind unit designed for high repetition rates. A precision coil assembly and magnetic flux circuit provides high efficiency. Available in north America via nelson Barden & Associates.


 Ref -  AL1

 Code - FS220

 Moulded in phosphor bronze leads are integral to base moulding.

  • 120 ohm coil

  • High degree of corrosion resistance










Compound Magnet


The Compound magnet combines the function of a chest magnet and a primary pneumatic stage in one compact assembly. Only the addition of an exhaust pneumatic power motor is needed to make a compact, quiet and fast electro-pneumatic action.


A typical sound board action would have the power motor glued to the upper surface of the bottom board and the compound magnet screwed to the underside with a boring connecting the two. Alternatively, a compound magnet can be used as the primary stage of an exhaust pneumatic chest action.

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