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About K-A

K-A Electro-mechanical Organ products have been distributed in the UK, and world wide, for many years.  While most organ builders and enthusiasts will be familiar with our range, the origins and compatibility of which go back to the 1930's.


Kimber Allen Ltd. was established in 1928 as an Electrical Engineering company. In the early 1930's we moved into coil winding and this brought about our first connection with the Organ Building trade through a contact with the organ builders Henry Willis & Sons.

Since that time we have designed and developed the range of electro-mechanical organ products which we now offer, and which are used in installations all over the world.With over 80 years of experience to count on you can use KA Products with confidence.

Our in house production capabilities include Tool Design and manufacture, Power Press Manufacturing up to 180 Tonnes, Milling, Turning, Drilling, Hand and Machine Thread Rolling, Coil Winding, Plastic Injection Moulding (in house and contract), Brazing and Assembly work. 

All KA products are designed and built on our premises, which is why we are confident to offer our 5 year guarantee on KA manufactured goods. Kimber-Allen UK Ltd. is under the directorship of Alan Ramsell who is a professional engineer and provides considerable technical skill to the Company.  We aim to continue, and further develop, the excellent relationship we already have with our existing customers through mutual exchange of ideas, and also forge new contacts with Organ Builders worldwide.  To this end we ask that any Organ Builders who have requirements, that we do not currently meet, contact us to discuss their needs.

As well as our dedicated range of organ products, we undertake tool and component design and manufacture for other engineering companies in a wide range of fields such as; audible warning devices, telecommunications, components for double glazed windows, security, automotive. marine pumps, lapidary machines, trade moulding, bespoke engineering projects.

Our Key Personel

Alan Ramsell



Paul Matthews

Manufacturing Manager 

Steve Ball

Operations Manager

Lynn Meek


Sam Booker

production Supervisor



Anthony Gillham

Technical Engineer


Andrew Parks

Process Engineer


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